About our Family

Happy... that is our family.  Overall happy... not every moment but mostly.  Three children who bring us joy as parents every day.  

Jim... Working hard at being a family man and hands on dad, while running his own company. We went to a cabin in the Spring and the kids found snakes with Dad!  This is Jim, hands on especially when snakes are involved :)

Lindsay is a nurturer by nature.  She loves being a stay-at-home mom.  She gave up her career to be with the kids.  She also enjoys yoga... brings her peace when the kids bring the chaos.  She and Bridget had a mini date at home with a manicure given by Mom.  

Luke, our little man of the house.  Loves being like Dad.  He wants to grow up and be just like him. Here he is working on the roof wearing Jim's glasses and business hat carrying Jim's tool box. Together they replaced a leaking skylight last summer.  It was one of Luke's happiest days.  

Bridget is our go getter girl! She's fun, loving and keeps things lively around here.  She is pure joy and lots of love!  She and Jim built this table on our land in NE Arizona in the space of an hour.  She measured, hammered, then danced on the table for a good time.  She is my best worker and tomboy as she reminds me often.

Tayler is our spunky child who is very much her own person.  She often likes to play animals as the "kitty."  She is very affectionate is enjoys being Momma's buddy

Overall we love a lot, laugh a lot, and cherish family time.   We hope you'll want to find out more about us and consider us for your child.  Thank you for your time.  

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