The First Phone Call

“Hello?” I’ve just answered an unfamiliar number on my cell phone while applying my makeup. I’m getting ready for church in an hour and my hair limply clings to my neck waiting to be styled. 
“Hi Lindsay,” a deep voice says on the other end. 
I cautiously ask, “Who’s this?”
In a cocky tone I hear, “You know who it is.” 
I’m running through my mind all the men I have been dating, yes there were several.
Now laughing I say, “Sorry, no clue who this is.” 
Again “Yes, you do.” His voice is deep, confident and arrogant at the same time. I like the game and I’m drawn in but I have no clue who this other voice is. 
I give back to his game and say, “Oh yeah… it’s Steve!” Knowing full well it isn’t “Steve.” 
Deep Voice replies, “No, it isn’t, c’mon, you know who I am.” 
“Hmmm, Brad, John, no wait… it’s Eric?”
“Nope… not even close!” I hear the smile in his tone as he banters back with me. 
I name a few more men, “Jonathan, Todd, Trent, Cody?” But now I’m laughing as I imagine Deep Voice feeling rather embarrassed he assumed I’d know who he was.
Who did this guy think he was? And it’s pretty cocky he thinks I know his voice. Except,
I finally realized I did. It was Jim. An Italian looking man with hazel eyes and arrogant to boot. We met briefly at a mutual friend's party. His smile is the picture in my mind now.
So I decide to give him a break and say, “Oh… is this Jim?” 
Deep Voice a.k.a. Jim laughs calling my bluff, “Yeah, but you already know that.” 
And so it began… 13 years ago and we’ve yet to finish our phone call. (Oh yeah… I was late to church that day but I didn't feel too bad about it).

We are so grateful you are here. We are Jim and Lindsay Rector, and we are looking for our next child through adoption.  We hope this site will allow you  to see a glimpse into our life as a family and individuals. Whether you are looking to place your child in a loving home or know someone who is, we hope you will consider our family.

 Meet our three kids from left to right, Tayler (6), Bridget (7) and Luke (7).  Luke and Bridget are twins and Tayler was born a mere 16 months later.

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