Thus the Adoption Process Began

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back in December I received a phone call from a woman saying she had a grand baby who was going straight to CPS unless they found him a home. She asked if Jim and I would take him to adopt into our family. She's been in our home and knows us well. She felt confident we could give her grandson the life she desired for him. However, it wasn't up to her, but her daughter and she would get back to me with the decision from her daughter. Ten minutes later she called saying her daughter was bringing her son over later to meet with us. 

I was excited... like OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!! I immediately called Jim and our adoption attorney saying someone wants to place their baby with us. It was a week before Christmas. Within a matter of an hour I went from thinking about my Christmas to-do list to a nursery, car seat, baby names, the excitement of a baby in our home, the joy from our children... and on and on. I know, it was naive of me, but I couldn't help it. I was just so excited. We had been contemplating adoption for some time but just didn't feel it was the right time and now someone had reached out to us... It was just too good to be true... and it was exactly that.  Several hours later we received a text saying the mother changed her mind.  I was really really sad.  

I set a goal to start the certification process in January. I thought about it every day, and never did a thing about it. I was paralyzed. It was overwhelming to start the paperwork, to pay more fees, to think what we were getting into... So January came and went and my goal was a wash.

I started over in February and thought, "Do I foster-adopt or just regular adopt?" I wrote that question down and prayed about it. 

Later that day my friend sent me a picture text of a little boy who needed a home asap but we couldn't take him since we weren't certified. I took that for my answer we needed to move forward with regular adoption for now. I'm not ruling out foster-adopt in the future, but it's not what we are focused on that at this time. 

It was a lot of paperwork, money and three months later but as of today we are officially certified to adopt a baby and we are thrilled!

A huge thank you to Meredith Urry who was the answer to our prayers three separate times. I believe God often answers our prayers through other people and she was one of the big ones in our life. 

Thank you for reading... More to come!

Help Us Adopt Our Next Baby - Meet the Rector Family

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hi! We are Jim and Lindsay Rector.  Meet our three kids from left to right, Bridget (7), Luke (7) and Tayler (6).  Luke and Bridget are twins and Tayler was born a mere 16 months later.  

We are looking for our next child through adoption.  We hope you can see a glimpse into our life as a family and individuals.  I'll be posting past vacations, school events, and regular life for us. 

If you, the reader of this blog, know of ANYONE who is seeking to place their baby in a loving family's home, we pray you will send them to us.

Jim is my husband of 12 years. He moved to Arizona from New York when he was 25 with only the possessions his small car could hold.  Little did he know what his future would be, but it's safe to say, he's happy he moved to Az.  Jim is a hands-on Dad and devoted husband to me.  He's amazing and anyone who knows him will say the same! 

I'm Lindsay, the writer of this blog.  I'm not a great writer or even a good one, but I hope the message is conveyed all the same, we'd love to adopt a baby into our family.  I can no longer have children and will write about that later.  But for now, know that being a stay-at-home mom is my choice of career.  I love it and all that goes with it, the good, the bad and the smelly.   I long to hold our future baby in my arms.  My favorite smell in the world is the smell of a baby.

Luke is the best!  He's one minute older than Bridget, (I had a c-section).  But he still holds it over her head and will forever :)
He is kind, loving and enjoys being the big brother in our home.  He prayers for a baby brother but will be happy with a little sister too.  His face makes my heart melt.

Bridget, our fun-loving, singing, dancing girl!  If you asked her what she loves most about herself.... she'd undoubtedly say her freckles!  She loves them and loves to get more and more.  She is unafraid to be herself.  We love this girl to the moon and back.
Tayler is our baby.  We call her Taytay Bo.  Her middle name is my mom's nickname since they share a birthday.  Taytay likes to tell people she has a twin too and it's her Granny Bo!  She's funny and very imaginative.  Tayler loves playing with stuffed animals and is a joy in every way possible.  Jim and I are so grateful to blessed to have her along with our twins.